NS Lookup

nslookup is the proclaim of a program that lets an Internet server administrator or any computer addict enter a host post (for example, "whatis.com") and locate out the corresponding IP habitat. It will as well as reach reverse reveal lookup and locate the host declare for an IP habitat you specify.

For example, if you entered "whatis.com" (which is one of the TechTarget sites), you would do as a on fire our IP home, which happens to be :
Or if you entered "", it would compensation "sites.techtarget.com".

nslookup sends a domain make known query packet to a designated (or defaulted) domain pronounce system (DNS) server. Depending on the system you are using, the default may be the local DNS reveal server at your encourage provider, some intermediate make known server, or the root server system for every allocation of domain publicize system hierarchy. Using the Linux and possibly appendage versions of nslookup, you can target new reference connected previously the host declare or IP house, such as allied mail facilities.

nslookup is included subsequent to some UNIX-based practicing systems and in well along Windows systems. In Windows XP, the command can be entered upon the "Command prompt" screen. A more limited alternating to nslookup for looking occurring an IP residence is the ping command.